Tyler Parker

  Tyler Parker has been involved with SADD since August of 1999 when he started grade nine at Campbell Collegiate in Regina. In his first year in SADD, he was somehow elected to the position of vice-president. Within a few months, the current president decided to step down, and he then was elected to that position - a position which he held throughout high school.

Though not the most active chapter in the provice, the SADD chapter at Campbell did manage to bring in some speakers, have some fun doing activities as a group, and attend the provincial conference in 2001. In that year, Tyler decided to attend the leadership retreat in Muenster, and it was at this retreat that he decided to apply for Team SGI. His application was successful, and off to Saskatoon he went for the provincial conference.

In 2002, SADD Saskatchewan began to plan the 2003 CYAID conference and Tyler was on the planning committee. Although initially brought on as the web designer for the official website, his role changed to being on the technical crew due to some changes at the provincial office. As the 2003 CYAID conference drew to a close, Tyler thought that this would be the end of his involvement with SADD. However, this was not the case.

Tyler was speaking to Brooke Glockler (one of our past presidents) one night on MSN Messenger and she suggested that he run for a position on the provincial board of directors. As the University of Regina did not have a SADD chapter at the time, Brooke offered to get the required signatures and drop off a form for Tyler at his home. She did this, and although Tyler was looking out the window at the time, he did not see Brooke drop the form off. This proving that all SADD board members (past and present) are ninjas.

In 2007, Tyler travelled with a delegation from SADD Saskatchewan to the 2007 CYAID conference in Edmonton, Alberta. At this conference, he got to experience a CYAID conference as a delegate, while also having a chance to see some new speakers and report back to the SADD Saskatchewan boards his thoughts on those speakers. If you ask him, Tyler will tell you that it is at this conference that he began to dislike the "SADD is hot to go" cheer, as it was done quite a bit.

Jumping forward to 2010, SADD Saskatchewan was once again hosting the CYAID conference - and this time it was held at the University of Regina. Tyler was once again on the planning committee for the conference, though this time he designed both the official website and also was highly invovled in the technical aspects of the conference. Due to his having attended the University of Regina, he also made himself avaiilable to lead campus tours.

In the fall of 2010, SADD Saskatchewan once again hosted their provincial conference in Saskatoon, and Tyler spent the majority of his efforts for the conference getting quotes to rent audio-visual equipment and then making sure the speakers had everything that they requested. This was a strange conference to attend for Tyler, because he knew that it would be his last one where he was able to be on the board of directors (due to age). In 2014, SADD Saskatchewan once again hosted CYAID and Tyler was again highly involved in the technical aspects of the conference, working with speakers to ensure all of their needs were met. In the same year, he was also involved with the technical side of the provincial conference in Regina.

While Tyler is no longer involved on the board of directors, he is staying involved with SADD Saskatchewan by continuing to design and maintain the organizations website and working as a conference technician for all events. If he can ever find a way to get more involved - there is no doubt that he will do so.


To get in touch with Tyler, please send an email to sadd@sasktel.net.

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