1. Criteria
    1. Any student who attends school within the jurisdiction of Saskatchewan Learning may become a SADD member either by joining a local SADD chapter and/or by paying a membership fee, set in the bylaws by the Board of Representatives.
  2. Privileges: All student SADD members have the following privileges:
    1. The right to vote in all SADD elections.
    2. The right to vote at all SADD General Meetings.
    3. The right to nominate other members for positions in SADD.
    4. The right to seek the nomination for, and run for, positions within SADD providing the member meets the qualifications outlined in the constitution and bylaws.
  3. School and Community Chapters: Saskatchewan schools and communities who form SADD chapters can associate with and participate in provincial SADD activities and projects providing they meet the following criteria:
    1. They have one (1) or more interested individuals.
    2. The primary focus of their activities will be impaired driving prevention.
    3. They wish to identify themselves as a SADD chapter.
    4. Each chapter will establish its own structure and rules of operation.

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You can download a PDF copy of the constitution for your own reference here.

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