Financial Disclosure

  1. The Directors shall place before the members at the Annual General Meeting the following:
    1. Financial Statements for the year ended not more than four (4) months before the Annual Meeting.
    2. The report of the auditor.
    3. Any further information respecting the financial affairs of the association.
  2. The Executive shall provide to date financial summaries for each Director meeting.
  3. The Executive shall provide general to date monthly summaries for the SADD Directors, Representatives, and upon request any SADD member.
  4. The Directors shall approve the financial statements and shall evidence their approval by the signature of two or more Directors.
  5. No financial statement shall be released or circulated unless it has been approved by the Directors and is accompanied by the report of the auditor.
  6. SADD shall, not less than fifteen (15) days before each Annual General Meeting, send a copy of its financial statements and report of the auditor to each SADD chapter and to the Director, Corporations Branch, Saskatchewan Justice.

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