Message From SGI

TO: Students Against Drinking and Driving

SGI appreciates the invaluable role that Students Against Drinking and Driving (SADD) plays in the fight to reduce the unfortunate consequences of drinking and driving in Saskatchewan. Through your numerous chapters, spread across the province, SADD continues to educate and motivat youth to make the healthy choice of not drinking. 

SGI believes that the long-term decreasing trend in the overall number of alcohol-traffic collisions and associated casualties that we have seen in this province is in part due to the great work that SADD has been doing. The toll from drinking and driving is, however, still too high. In 2006, alcohol was reported to be a factor in 45 fatal collisions and over 400 injury collisions. With the continued commitment and enthusiasm demonstrated by SADD, we trust that the magnitude of this problem can be greatly reduced. 

SGI remains committed to working with SADD in the coming year on initiatives aimed at advancing our mutual goal of making Saskatchewan's roads safer by reducing the incidence of drinking and driving. 

I wish you a very successful year and thank you for helping to make a difference.


Minister responsible for SGI

SADD In The Community

Schools are invited to organize "chapters". Chapters registered with SADD Saskatchewan receive various support services, including a Chapter Manual, free red ribbons, etc.

Through a variety of activities, our chapters educate and encourage their peers in school and all other community members to make responsible choices. 

If you are a Saskatchewan resident or community, and would like a local chapter or SADD Saskatchewan to participate in a community event or provide some resource materials, please contact our office by email at

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